Cold Saltwater Equine Hydrotherapy
for the competitive edge

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Equine hydrotherapy is the premier drug free hydrotherapy treatment for the most common causes of lameness in horses. It has rapidly established a reputation for resolving lameness much faster than normal and works effectively in conjunction with, or as an alternative to conventional treatments.

Beside its therapeutic qualities, equine hydrotherapy is used as a preventive therapy before and after competition with impressive results.

Typical conditions which respond well to equine hydrotherapy include:

Suspensory ligament desmitisSuspensory ligament desmitis
Hoof problemsHoof problems
Joint conditionsJoint conditions
Soft tissue damageSoft tissue damage
Sore shinsSore shins

Spa in New Brunswick, Canada

HM Queen Elizabeth II, HRH Prince Sultan bin Mohammed (Saudi Arabia), top racehorse trainers such as Aidan O'Brien (Ireland) and leading show-jumpers including Rodrigo Pessoa and Alvaro Miranda (Brazil), Robert Smith and Tim Gredley (England), Markus Fuchs (Switzerland), Mario Deslaurier (Canada) and Katie Prudent (USA / France) have benefited from equine hydrotherapy.

The key factors controlling the effectiveness of equine spa hydrotherapy are temperature, salt concentration, pressure and aeration. Visit How Hydrotherapy Works for a full explanation.

Please click here for a video of Robert Smith's horses, Nintendo and Gerry Maguire (on which he won the $100,000 Masters Cup at WEF, Florida) going through the equine spa while at the World Equestrian Festival. Or simply request a high quality version. In both cases this was only their second time in the spa. See how relaxed they are!

With clients worldwide, e.g. in the USA, Canada, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, the UK, Belgium, France, Switzerland, Ireland and Germany, we have rapidly established a reputation for producing the highest quality equine spas at a realistic price.

Mr James Riley, of Sweeny in Texas, says the Equine Spa is "the best investment we have made for our horses".

Please note, that Equine Spa hydrotherapy should not be confused aqua treadmills / aqua trainers. Visit Equine Spa vs. Aqua Treadmill / Trainer section for a full explanation.

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